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Morris Cowley 1929 Niagra Blue over black with brown rexene upholstery and beige carpets

Austin 12 Ascot 1936 Coffee over black with tan leather upholstery

Both cars come with beautiful and exclusively designed flowers. There is ample leg room and is suitable for carriage of up to three small sized or two average sized passengers in the rear and one in the front seat of each each car.



The Cowley was built at Cowley in the Holloway Road Morris Factory by William Morris, also known as Lord Nuffield, who is regarded as one of Britain's greatest pioneering motor manufacturers. Throughout his life he funded numerous educational establishments, hospitals and medical equipment such as the 'Iron Lung'. Consequently there are several hospitals and colleges bearing his title.

The Cowley was first registered in Aberdeen, Scotland. She remained in the Aberdeen area until the late 60s. I recently met the last Scottish owner, Eric Bowman who owned her until 1962. He told me he drove her on holiday to the Isle of Man and has given me photos of her there.  Eric still tinkers with vintage cars and owned the Austin 12 Ascot when I met him. He later sold it to me. He remembered the Auld Lady very well and gave me the Driver Handbook. He eventually sold the Auld Lady to a local garage. I have contacted the son of the garage owner who remembered the car as a child in the late 60s but there is a gap in her history until 1976 when the next owner, Dr Parker purchased the car from a garage in the Wirral, paying £1,200. He used her regularly for the next two years but she then remained unused in his garage for the next 33 years. In 2009 she was sold to Mr Broome who used her briefly prior to an extensive restoration. The Auld Lady sold at action to a dealer who then sold her to us. Since then she has undergone continous improvement and is loved by all the family.

The Austin 12 Ascot was completey restored by Mr Bowman and has been driven on holiday to the Shetland Isles by him. She has been entered into multiple vintage car shows in the Forfar area where she has won many rosettes for her condition and looks.